Certification of products

The only recognised way to place your products in the EU community and on the international market.

Increase the guarantees and safety of your products

Obtaining an independent certification for your product, serves to ensure the necessary proof of the guarantees and safety of your products. It is also the only recognised way of placing your own products in the EU community and on the international market.

With our services, manufacturers have the opportunity to test and certify their product to place it in a large market and get acceptance in many countries. It is a specific service for EU product directives and the requirement on the CE marking of the product. For these services we can assist as a Notified Body partner. We are leading professional suppliers offering a wide range of management certification services:

Certification of pressure equipment according to the PED Directive

Certification of metallic materials according to ISO EN 10204 type 3.2

Prototype qualification compared to relevant standards such as TA-LUFT, Fugitive Emission, Fire Safe and Safety Integration Level (SIL)

Metal structures welded according to ISO 1090

Exchange ticket

A product certification gives your item the opportunity to be exchanged on the market more easily.

Innovative approach

Thanks to our methodologies, we provide independent, intelligent and proactive checks, in compliance with time and budget constraints.

Worldwide coverage

Thanks to our network we guarantee global coverage, able to support the needs of multinational companies.

Short lead times

We work in synergy with our customers, guaranteeing short deadlines in the delivery of audits and in the release of certifications.

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